Truth about Babysitting..

•August 14, 2012 • 1 Comment



I’ve done an awful lot of babysitting in my past years. I often babysit my baby cousin, Mara. (Not her true name)

Yesterday, I was in charge of the two kids. My brother and Mara. We drank a Double Chocolate Latte. We were strolling through the mall when they suddenly ran and went different ways. I took off and tried chasing them. They kept running away from me. I didn’t lose sight of them. I could see them but there were an awful lot of people drinking nearby so I kept a close look.

It was the most tiring day.

I liked babysitting because I’m fond of children. But that day changed my whole sight on Babysitting.

And one piece of advice..

Never let children eat too much chocolate or candy. I learned it the hard way.


Taking every risk..

•August 11, 2012 • 4 Comments

“Take every chance, drop every fear..”

I was afraid to try WordPress out the first time I heard about it. I sighed, thinking it would be just another social networking site with no sense..

Not knocking every social networking site but some of them are getting really boring. They just keep on adding and adding things that it seems that they’re trying too hard on beating other social networking sites.

My sister convinced me enough to try it out and I don’t really regret it.

It takes up most of my time now..